Around Portugal

Portugal's welcoming environment, history, culture, gastronomy, the magnificent coastline and friendly people are the key attributes of the country.



Alheira, bitoque, francesinha, the stews and the grilled fish are some of the traditional dishes that you stumble upon on every tasca, the very classic Portuguese small restaurants. The sardinhas are representative of a festive atmosphere, especially during the “all saints” in June.
The legendary bacalhau, salted and dried codfish, can be cooked on 365 ways, a recipe for every day of the year! We are sure you will love it somehow.

The pastries can’t be forgotten! Most of them small in size, but exquisite in taste. The Pastéis de nata, one of the most popular today, where firstly made by monks, using leftover egg yolks from starching their habits and to get extra revenue outside the monasteries.



A country of tradition marked by ancient battles and borders unchanged since 1297, it is expectable to encounter countless enchanting historical monuments – palaces, castles and, as being a religious country, even churches and monasteries.
After Rome, Fátima is the second most famous pilgrimage place in Europe.


Have you listen to Fado? Declared Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO, is without doubt the national music of Portugal. Its name derives from Latin fatum and means fate or destiny. Caring the legacy of the country in its lyrics strongly linked to the concept of saudade, a Portuguese word denoting a strong feeling of nostalgia.

Guitarra Portuguesa


Its fascinating landscapes and sites, mountains and valleys from north to south, converge into 14 natural parks and 9 natural reserves, offering direct contact with nature ready to be explored

Fields of vineyards and cork trees are always part of the scenario. Portugal has more than 250 different grape varieties producing some of the best European wines, besides the famous port wine, and is also the biggest exporter of cork. Around 50% of cork used worldwide comes from this small country.

Rolha de Cortiça


Apart of our Cristiano Ronaldo and Benfica, which according to the Guinness Book of World Records, and perhaps contrary to popular belief, is the world’s most widely supported football club. Portugal is the 2014 best world destination for golf and the best destination for water sports, come and Surf Around Portugal with us!

Cristiano Ronaldo